I am alone!

My first try to poetry- I am alone. I am alone. In this world I am alone. My heart broke into pieces, My hopes crushed like a paper, My world became blurred and this turned out to be the end of my life Living in this world where people don't care, Living in this world… Continue reading I am alone!



“Who are you?” I shouted somehow. Suddenly all the voices vanished and a deep silence rose in the room. All I could hear was my heavy breathe. Then I heard someone at the door saying “Daniel! Clean up your room. Fast!” I recognized it was my mom’s voice or maybe Daniel’s mom now. He refused… Continue reading YOU CHEAT!


THE LOCKED SECRET PART: 2 When cleaning turns out to be a mess! A horrible horror mess! Hahaha!  I love this!  The horror continues here: “I want this room. Please mom! Please!” beg Jordon. “No way! You promised me that I will get the choice to choose my room.” I debated. “He is your younger… Continue reading WHO ARE YOU?